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Mismatches Report List

This section allows you to find unrecognized calls/ clients by the system due to unavailability of respective information. Here you can see the general info about unknown clients, unknown destinations, calls stats, the total number of mismatched calls. 

Running New Mismatches Report

To create a report you need to fill out the following fields in the form and click the “Query” button nearby. 



Choose the type of calls for generating the report: all, origination, termination.

DurationSelect the continuance of the calls: all, non-zero, zero.
OutputIndicate the output type: Web, CSV, Excel XLSx, Excel XLS.


Also, you can specify the "Interval" for the report by clicking the icon  at the top of the page and an additional form will appear.

Screenshot: Mismatches Report section additional form

Then, the system processes your request and transfers to the CDRs List section for detailed data collection. In the CDRs List section, you will have a query form with pre-selected values. In order to receive the details about respective calls click the “Query” button in the CDRs List section.

There are 3 types of the report with mismatched calls:

  • Calls with Unknown Clients - means calls with unrecognized clients.
  • Calls with Known Clients - means calls with unrecognized destinations.
  • Calls with Known Reseller - means calls with unrecognized destinations or unknown destinations in Resellers.

Screenshot: Mismatches Report section main window

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