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This section allows rerating calls, SMS, data. It's useful when some changes were applied to the rates, currencies, client accounts, or you need to correct errors with a Mismatches Report.

Screenshot: xDRs Rerating section

Performing xDRs Rerating

The whole procedure consists of the following 3 steps:

  1. Choose filters, specify an interval and respective values in the query form, and click the Query button. 
Information BlockField Description

On the Filters menu, select the required parameters for the report. To cancel any filter, click on the delete  icon next to the filter.

You can start a quick search by typing filters' names in the field at the top of a drop-down menu with filters.

PeriodSpecify the time interval for the report and a timezone. Please note that the Period field is mandatory.
ServiceIndicate a target type of services from the Services section

Additional Filters

There are the following accessible additional filters:

  • Clients: Client.
  • Events: Code, Code Name, Call Origin, Result Status, Gateway.
  • Extras: Tag, Match Clients, Match Codes, Duration.
ClientDefine a client for the report.
CodeDefine a code of a needed destination.
Code NameEnter a code name of a desired destination.
Call Origin

Specify a call origin for the report:

  • origination
  • termination
Result Status

Indicate the status of the call for the report:

  • success
  • busy
  • no channel
  • error
GatewayDefine a target gateway.
TagSpecify target tags
Match Clients

Indicate a respective type:

  • matched (identified)
  • mismatched (not identified)
Match Codes

Choose an appropriate type:

  • matched
  • mismatched

Select the continuance of the call:

  • zero
  • non-zero (i.e., calls that have a duration equal to or more than 1 second).

This form contains settings of the output data of the report.

Dst Code Deck

Select a respective code deck for the report from the drop-down menu.
If you do not select it, code decks assigned to each specified client or rate table will be in use.
If you select it, all code names will be rewritten according to the names from the selected code deck. Also, all data will be unified by code names.

2. Then, you will see a respective notification, and you will need to approve the process by clicking the Confirm Rerating button.

Screenshot: xDRs Rerating approval notification

3. Finally, the calls will undergo rerating, and you will need to wait for the system procedure to be completed. You can see the respective number of calls for the rerating on the toolbar at the top of the page.

Screenshot: xDRs in the queue for rerating

You will also receive the following notification: xDRs have been added to queue now. Please wait while the system processes them. Then, you need to run the Calculator in the System Services section


The xDRs rerating is a time-requiring procedure. It's not recommended to create a rerating query with large chunks of information (for example, rerating 3 million calls at once).

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