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Section overview

Time profile is a great way to make your billing more flexible and convenient. Time profiles can be attached to your clients' rate tables and are used to adjust rates by dividing them based on the time of usage. For instance, such a profile can be used to sell traffic for an increased price during business hours and for the reduced one during non-business hours.

This section is used to create and manage time profiles. The structure of the section is presented on a screenshot below.

Screenshot: Time Profiles section main window

Functional buttons/icons presented in the section are as follows:


Allows to create a new time profile

Allows to manage an existing time profile on a list

Allows deleting a time profile from the system. Requires confirmation

Adding a New Time Profile

To add a new time profile, you need to:

  • Click the New Time Profile button
  • In the appeared dialog-window, fill in the required fields
  • Click OK

Screenshot: Adding a new time profile

NameName of a new time profile
HoursSelect hours that will be used for a particular time profile. More than one hour range can be added (e.g. 03.00 - 03.59, 08.00 - 08.59)
WeekdaysSpecify days that will be used for the particular time profile. You can add more than one day to the profile (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)
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