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The System Services section represents a list of all system utilities (see screenshot below) and is aimed at providing a possibility to manage and configure them as a user desires. List of system utilities has the following structure:

Screenshot: System Services section

Column NameDescription

Status of the utility. Depending on the icon, the status can be either enabled or disabled.

To change a utility status, click on the utility name in the table.


Name of the utility. The full list of system utilities with their descriptions is provided in a table below


Periodicity at which each utility is run. Daemon services don't have a schedule, Periodic are run in a defined period, Fixed Time - at predefined timeslots.

By clicking the Run utilityicon, you manually start this utility regardless of its Schedule column value (doesn't work for Daemon Services).

Allowed NodesNodes, at which the service is allowed to run. This parameter is configured only during deployment and is not allowed to be changed by the user
Run GroupsRun Groups define, which services may not run in parallel with others. If two services have intersecting groups, the system will not run them simultaneously and will put one of the services in queue
Last RunTime and date when the last run was initiated
In Queue
If the utility is run manually, time and date when its launch was initiated will be specified in the column

Utility Description

Group NameUtility NameDescription
Daemon Services

These utilities do not have a schedule and are automatically run by the system when active

RADIUS ServerRADIUS server process
SIP Redirect ServerSIP Redirect server process
Import ManagerManages rates import process
Rates Generator
Utility that generates rates, both manually and automatically
Periodical Services

These utilities are run with a defined period in minutes. The period can be up to 60 minutes

Cache ManagerCache Manager process whose main function is to monitor and include client-related changes for RADIUS and SIP Redirect continuously
CalculatorUtility that processes all data collected from xDR-files
Calling Card ManagerCalling Cards manager process
Dynamic Routing ManagerUtility that creates routing tables used in Dynamic Routing feature
Email Rates ManagerUtility that imports rate tables updates from emails
Events ManagerProcess that sends events to emails according to Events Config
Provisioning ManagerUtility that processes events asynchronously
Factors WatcherUtility that controls the Factors Watcher tool
Files CollectorUtility that controls file collectors
Files DownloaderUtility that automatically downloads xDR-files from switch host
Invoicing ManagerUtility that manages the autoinvoicing feature
Mail ManagerSends emails from mail queue (invoices, notifications, etc.)
Statistics meta info managerGathers meta-information about collected statistics
NotificatorNotifies in case of a low balance or HDD space events
Packages ManagerUtility that manages your packages
Rates NotificatorUtility that notifies clients about rate changes
Orig-Term Report GeneratorUtility that manages data generation for Orig-Term Report
Reports to Email

Utility that sends generated statistic reports by the scheduled time

Reports that will be sent by Reports to Email , will be sent using SMTP credentials, specified in the Reseller, to which owner of a Reports Query belongs. For Users without Reseller restrictions (super-admins), default system SMTP credentials will be used.

Statistics ManagerUtility that manages statistics packages
Swap Deals ManagerCaches statistics for Swap Deals module, analysis and notifications
Traffic Rules ManagerUtility that manages all traffic rules in the system
Fixed Time Services

These utilities are run at predefined timeslots

Backup ManagerUtility that manages system backup processes
Balances ManagerCreates automatic charges
CleanerUtility that automatically cleans old messages from the Events Log section
Jurisdiction ManagerGenerates jurisdiction table from LERG/TMP data sources for US routing
Log RotatorUtility that controls log-files

(warning)  Attention

Please note that if a customer had no assigned packages, accounts, presets or translations, and you decided to add one, then RADIUS or SIP Redirect servers will notice those changes only after Cache Manager runs and does its job. Please note, that this is only applicable if a customer previously had absolutely no items listed above, in other words, if you add a second account to a customer, then that change will be effective instantly.

Utility Management

You can always configure the run time of any periodical or fixed time utility by clicking a respective name. A pop-up window for utility management has the following structure (see screenshots below):

Screenshot: Periodical service editing


Name of the utility


Status of the utility:

  • Enabled
  • Disabled
ScheduleSet Periodical to define periodicity further
PeriodDefine run period for the utility. It can not be more than 60 minutes. If you want to use a longer period - use fixed time instead
align to
Align time is used to distribute services running in the same periods. For example, if a period is set to 5 min and align to is 2, service will be run at XX:02, XX:07, XX:12 and so on

Screenshot: Fixed time service editing


Name of the utility


Status of the utility:

  • Enabled
  • Disabled
ScheduleSet Fixed Time to define a specific run timeslot further
Run atSet the time to run a utility. You can define multiple times here. The time should be given in system timezone
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