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This section represents an archive of the system statistics packages manager. The statistics package is a pack of billing entities, created during a respective day. The section is divided into 2 Information blocks: Active Statistics Packages and Archived Statistics Packages, presented in a form of tables: 

Screenshot: Archive Management section 

Active Statistics Packages

The Active Statistics Packages information block contains information regarding statistics packages that are currently present in the database. All statistics packages are grouped by month. Click on the plus  icon to expand all available active packages. Information about packages is presented in the form of a table with the following columns:

Screenshot: Active Statistics Packages

DateSystem package creation date
TypeType of package entity: time/events/data
Total xDRs

Total number of processed xDRs (origination/termination)

VolumeTotal amount of processed events (origination/termination)
Paid xDRsTotal number of paid xDRs
New xDRs

Total number of xDRs that have not been processed yet

New VolumeVolume of events that have not been processed yet
Rerating xDRsQuantity of events queued for rerating
ProgressOverall data processing progress

Functional icons, presented in the information block, are as follows:


Updates a selected package to the latest database format (useful after a system update to a new version). All updated packages are marked with the icon.

Shows the status of the package:

  • icon indicates that the package is not archived for the respective day (month).
  • icon indicates that the package is archived.
Moves a package to archive and removes from database
Deletes a package from the database without performing balance rollback
Deletes a package from the database with balance rollback

To update, move or delete a package, you need to mark a respective checkbox and click the Process button. The operation itself will be executed after the next run of the Statistics Manager tool.

Archived Statistics Packages

The Archive Statistics Packages table displays statistics packages that are kept in the archive (the /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data/archive folder of your billing server). Click on the plus  icon to view detailed information on archived packages. 

Screenshot: Archived Statistics Packages

DatePackage archive creation date
FilenameName of the archived file, which contains a system package
SizeSize of an archived file

Information block function buttons include:

Restores a package from the archive to the database
Removes an archived package from the archive

To perform a target action, check the respective package and click the Process button.

(warning)   Attention

Moving or rotating the current day statistics package may result in errors! It is strongly recommended not to do any operations to the current day's package.

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