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Reports Templates List 

This section allows you to view, execute and manage the already existing templates of Routing Analysis, Profit Report, xDR's List, Mismatches Report, Orig-Term Report, and Summary Report. Moreover, you can send reports to email to keep yourself informed about the traffic status without the need to login to the system and request reports. The section structure is as follows:

Screenshot: Reports Templates section main window

IDTemplate ID
TitleName of the template
Report QueryTemplate details
WatchTool to run a report automatically at the exact time and send the results to the list of emails
ResellerName of the Reseller

The section contains the following functional icons:


Allows previewing a template


Allows running a respective report by this template
Indicates that To send a report via email watch option is enabled.
Indicates that To send a report via email watch option is disabled.

To start managing, choose the respective template from the section and click on the name to open the settings.

Creating a Report Template

All reports templates are created from the respective sections while generating reports. To add a new template, you need to: 

  1. open the target report section;
  2. fill in a query form with respective parameters;
  3. click the Save Query button;
  4. in a pop-up window with template settings, fill in all required fields (screenshot and field description is provided down below);
  5. click Apply to save a template. 

Screenshot: New Template form

Information BlockDescription
Report NameHere you can specify parameters for the template that will be used while running reports
TitleSpecify a name of the template
ResellerIndicate a Reseller for the report template

It allows controlling the visibility of respective reports templates whether you want to keep templates private or leave them visible for users under specified Reseller. 

To enable this option, select one parameter from the drop-down list:

  • Public - available for users according to the settings of the Reseller field; 
  • Private - accessible strictly for the creator.

This tool allows generating reports at the appropriate time and sending results to specified emails.

(warning)   Attention

Please note that this tool is not available for Web output type, only for CSV/Excel XLS/Excel XLSx.

RecipientsSpecify emails of recipients. Here you can indicate your own or other users' email, even those of 3rd parties.
Run TimeDetermine an appropriate time to generate a report automatically, it could be several times, for example, 10:00, 12:00, 18:00
Run Time TimezoneIndicate a timezone for a selected report run time
Days of WeekDefine days of a week to generate a report automatically. For example, you can run a report only on Monday or each day of the week.
Report Query

Here you need to specify filters that will be used for generating a correct report and choose the output type to view the report


  • If you create the report template and the Watch option is enabled, the client will receive the file with a report even when there are no statistics for a specified period.
  • Please be aware that the templates previously existing in the Reports to email section could not be restored automatically. Note that you can recreate them if needed.
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