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Section overview

Users is a core section that provides overview of all registered users in the system. Section allows to create, edit, and disable existing users. The list of users is presented in a form of a table with the following columns:

Screenshot: Users section


User's status. Depending on the icon, the status can be either  active or  disabled.

LoginUser's account name

Name of a company whom this user belongs to

Full NameMailto links of users (if specified in user's account)

User's role that determines the access level or permissions


If your role implies relevant permits, by clicking on a status icon in the Active column, you can change user's status from active to disabled and vice versa

Functional buttons/icons, presented in the section, are as follows:


Allows creating a new user

Opens an Advanced Search drop-down menu

Advanced Search

In the top right corner of the section above the table, an Advanced Search drop-down menu is located. By default, the list of clients is filtered by Active status. By clicking on a red downwards arrow  icon, a drop-down menu with the following structure is displayed:

Screenshot: Advanced Search drop-down menu



Specify a desired user's login
ResellerSelect from the list of all Resellers, Sub-resellers and Managers registered in the system
RoleSelect from the list of existing system roles


Specify whether user's status is active or not, by selecting from a drop-down list:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Empty (to display users with both statuses)

Adding a New User

What you need to do to create a new user is:

  • Click the New User button
  • In the opened pop-up window, fill in all the required fields (list of them is presented in a column below)
  • Confirm new user creation by clicking OK 

Screenshot: New user creation window

LoginSpecify a user's login.
PasswordDefine a password
RoleSelect a role for a user from a drop-down list
Disabled checkboxCheck if you need to prevent a user temporary from having access to the system
Full NameEnter a user's name. Note that if a user's email is specified, full name in the section serves as a mailto link.
EmailSpecify a user's email
ResellerSpecify a reseller, sub-reseller or manager a user belongs to
CoreAPI TokenThis field cannot be specified in creation form. CoreAPI Token is automatically generated by the system after a user is created
Allowed IPsEnter IPs or subnets, one record per line, i.e. user will have access to the system only if he/she logs in via specified IPs

(warning)   Attention

While creating a new user, bare in mind the following things:

  • Each user can have only one assigned role.
  • We strongly recommend avoiding non-Latin characters in users' logins/passwords
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