This documentation relates to an earlier version of JeraSoft VCS.
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Section overview

Mail Queue is a section designed to provide visual representation of all system emails that have already been sent or are in a queue to be delivered. These emails can contain invoices, low balance notifications or other types of messages. The section is presented in a form of a table with the following columns:

Screenshot: Mail Queue section 

Column NameDescription
IDEmail's identification number
ToA recipient of the email
SubjectSubject of the letter on the list
TypeCertain type of the email
CreatedDate and time when the email was created

Functional icons, presented in the section, are as follows:


Icon indicates that respective email is currently in a queue and hasn't been sent yet

Icon indicates that respective email has already been sent

Icon indicates that respective email contains attached file

Allows to delete an email from the queue. Requires confirmation

(warning)   Attention

Emails that have been sent cannot be deleted from the list; you can delete only those that are currently in a queue

Advanced Search

You can filter data, presented in the section, using an Advanced Search drop-down menu. It makes a search filter to limit the search results for higher working efficiency. To open this form, click on a blue downwards arrow  icon.

Screenshot: Mail Queue search toolbar

ClientType the name of a client that you want to filter by

Select the type of mail:

  • Invoice
  • Notify (Before)
  • Notify (After)
  • Low Balance
  • Reports Watcher
  • Rates Notificator

Choose a state of email:

  • In Queue
  • Sent 

Email view

To view any email on the list, click on a respective email's subject in the Subject column. A pop-up window with the following structure will appear:

Screenshot: Detailed view of email letter

ToFull name and email address of the recipient
FromFull name and email address of the sender

Date and time of email creation


Subject of the email letter

Attached file (if any)If an email has the attached file, its name will be specified in the field. By clicking on it, the file will be downloaded to your computer

Email status: Sent or In Queue. If the status is Sent, time and date when it was delivered will be specified

MessageBody of the letter
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