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Section overview

When it comes to keeping an ear to the ground about what is going on in the system, the Audit Log section comes to your rescue. This section displays detailed information concerning all actions performed by users in VCS with  Clients, Resellers, Accounts, Calling Cards, DIDs (see screenshot below):

Screenshot: Audit Log section main window

Column NameDescription
Action Type

Depending on the type of action, one of the following icons will be displayed in the columns:

  • - a new system item was created
  • - a system item was edited
  • - a system item was deleted
ItemSystem item (Client, Account, Reseller, Calling Card, DID Management) that a certain action was applied to
ChangesThe list of changes with detailed information on what exactly was changed
Modification TimeData and time of applied actions
Called byAction Name (Account Creation, Client Removal, etc.) and Service that is responsible for a specific action
UserName and IP address of a user who performed an action

(warning)   Attention

If you change the Mail Templates in the Reseller settings, these updates will not be displayed in the Audit log

Advanced Search

The displayed list of audit actions is automatically filtered by Client item that is indicated by a red downwards arrow  icon of Advanced Search drop-down menu. Search menu is presented with the following fields: 

Screenshot: Advanced Search drop-down menu

Item Type

Select a respective item type from the given list:

  • Client
  • Account
  • Reseller
  • Calling Card
  • DID Management

By default, the field value is Clients.

NameInsert a name of the respective item (e.g., Customer A, 3439-005318618, etc.)

Choose a type of action: Creation, Modification, or Removal


When search settings are applied, only events whose Date value Period, from value will be displayed

Period You can choose either Custom period (e.g., Today, Last 7 Days, Last Month, This Year) or set an exact date and time with Datepicker
Called by

Select Action Name from the provided list:

  • Client Creation
  • Client Modification
  • Client Removal
  • Full Client Removal
  • Mass Client Modification
  • Note Creation
  • Forced Rate Notification
  • Account Creation
  • Account Modification
  • Account Removal
  • Reseller Creation
  • Reseller Modification
  • Reseller Removal
  • Calling Card Creation
  • Calling Card Modification
  • Calling Card Removal
  • DID Creation
  • DID Modification
  • DID Removal
  • DID Import
  • DID Mass Edit

(warning)   Attention

In case a client, account, or reseller was deleted (but not fully), there is a possibility to see a state of this item at the time of its removal, by clicking on its name in the Item column.

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