This documentation relates to an earlier version of JeraSoft VCS.
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Mail Queue section displays all system e-mails that were already sent or are waiting to be sent. Main window may look like on the screenshot below:   


Screenshot: Mail Queue section main window

These can be invoices, low balance notifications or other types of messages system sends in form of e-mails.  

Quick Search toolbar

Use this toolbar for fast investigation in this section. It makes a search filter to limit the search results for higher working efficiency. To open this form click on the down arrow 

Screenshot: Mail Queue search toolbar

ClientType the name of client that you want filter by

Select the type of mail:

  • invoice
  • notify (before)
  • notify (after)
  • low balance
  • reports watcher
  • rates notificator

Choose a state of mail:

  • in queue
  • sent 
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