This documentation relates to an earlier version of JeraSoft VCS.
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Events Log Section Main Window

This section displays the list of all events recorded by the system. Examining the events in these logs can help to trace activities, errors and alert notifications. 

Screenshot: Events Log section main window

There are few types of events:



In Sender row you can view the name of the system sender module (module, that sent the event).

Main window displays general list of events by default. You can filter them by types or groups by using search panel tools.

For example, system records following events:

  • incoming or outgoing call client that is not registered within the system;

  • phone number prefix not registered within system;

  • incoming call price that is more than outgoing call price;

  • incoming or outgoing call that was rejected;

  • etc.

Warning! When you click the “Delete Events” button, all events that satisfy current search query will be deleted from the system!

You can find the build-in quick search toolbar that provides an easy way of searching against multiple rows.  Click the down arrow  on the toolbar to use the advanced settings. 


Screenshot: Events Log section/ Search panel

Configuration Section Tab

This section is used to inform system's users about all recorded events.


Screenshot: Configuration section tab main window

You may choose group and type of event, and specify an e-mail address to which notifications of the chosen type will be sent. You can add new set of empty fields by clicking the “Create Rule” button. You can confirm current configuration of events by clicking the “Update” button. 

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