This documentation relates to an earlier version of JeraSoft VCS.
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Code Decks List

This section contains all code decks, i.e. respective names for your codes. The deck consists of a destination code and name. By having multiple code decks you can freely operate in different names for same codes and change them in the real time.


Screenshot: Code Decks section main window

Creating New Code Deck

To create a code deck, click the “New Code Deck” button and fill out all required fields.

Screenshot: Code Deck window

Managing Code Decks

To manage your code deck left-click on the deck's name or click the edit icon . In the window with the list of all existing codes, you will be able to perform operations pointed out below. 

Screenshot: Code deck's contents

Adding Codes

When you click the "New Code" button, you will be able to add a code group to your deck. The pop-up window contains the following parameters (Screenshot):

Screenshot: Code Decks settings

CodeDestination code
Code NameDisplayed name of a code group
CountryWhich country the codes in current group will belong to

The spaces at the beginning and the end of code names will not be shown up starting from the VCS 3.10.4. Although, the spaces between separate words of code names are saved and respectively reflected in the web interface.

Importing Codes

It is the possibility to import a list of codes and code names from a file, the whole import process can be logically divided into two steps.

The first step is to go to the “Import Codes” tab (Screenshot below) then select a file to import and set some additional configurations.

Screenshot: "Import Codes" Step 1

These settings are the following:

File ProcessSelect file to import
Select an import file
Fields delimeterSpecify here a delimiter symbol
Import ProcessDeck update mode

Specify the code deck update mode. There are three possible modes:

  • Import only not existing codes
  • Import all codes (update existing)
  • Import all codes (purge code deck first)
On errors

Define what to do if an inconsistency or error was found in importing file:

  • Import correct rows and show all found errors
  • If errors are found, abort import and show all errors

After selecting a file and specifying all additional parameters click “Process>>” button.

On the second step system will recognize the file, and display few first rows of it. Then you need to select the header of each column and then press “Import” button.

Screenshot: "Import Codes" Step 2

After you click the “Import”  button, the system will start importing process. When the progress-bar reaches 100%, your import is done!


Code Name


Country Code





313, 5531210

Brasil – Belo Horizonte




Brasil – Belo Horizonte



Country Code column contains an additional information about the code and during import will be joined with Code column.
As the result, it will be shown the next combination after the import: Country Code+Code: 5533, 55313,55312111.

Exporting Codes

This feature allows you to export a content of a code deck to file. To export info to file, do the following: go to “Export Codes” section tab (Screenshot down below)  and specify the following: delimiter symbol in “Fields delimiter” field and first CSV file row as a title row with a “With headers row” checkbox (optional). After you click “OK” , you will be prompted to save a file. Enter respective path on your hard drive.

Screenshot: "Export Codes" section tab

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