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Section overview

The Special Rates section has been created since version 3.18 of the JeraSoft Billing. Its purpose is to separate regular prices for the destinations and the exclusive prices based on agreements between vendors and clientsThe section is presented as a table like the one below:

Screenshot: Special Rates section

Column NameDescription
Rate TableRate table of a special rate
Code NameDestination code name of a special rate
RatePrice per unit of service
Effective DateDate, when a special rate becomes active
NotesAdditional information about a special rate
SFSetup fee of a special rate
MinMinimal billed volume
IntBilled interval
Time ProfileTime profile of a special rate

Functional buttons and icons, presented in the section, are as follows:


Allows adding a new special rate to the system

Allows managing rates within a specified special rate

Allows editing a special rate
Allows deleting a special rate from the system

Advanced Search

In the top right corner of the section above the table, an Advanced Search drop-down menu is located. By clicking on a blue downward arrow icon, the following drop-down menu is displayed:

Screenshot: Advanced Search drop-down menu

Rate TableYou can filter the special rates belonging to a certain rate table
Code NameYou can filter the special rates by code names

Search by the period of a rate during which the rate is active, expired, etc. The following states are available to choose from a drop-down list:

  • current/future - the search includes current and future rates
  • current on - includes rates that are active for a specified date
  • future for - includes future rates compared with a specified date
  • past for - includes rates that are expired for a specified date
  • all - includes all rates

You can search by the status of the special rate:

  • active
  • stashed
ServicesYou can filter the special rates by services

Adding New Special Rate

To add a new special rate, click the Add Rate button and define the respective values in a pop-up window: 

Screenshot: Adding new Special Rate

Rate TableIndicate a rate table, in which the rates will be created inheriting the settings of a current special rate
Code Name

Indicate a code name of the special rate

This field is inactive if the Code Deck is not specified.


Price per unit of a service


Tariffication interval. This parameter is used when Min Volume expires. For instance, if call time is 26 seconds, Min Volume is 25, and Interval is 8, the client will pay for 33 seconds

Min VolumeMinimal time of the call that will be tariffed. For example, if total call time was 20 seconds and Min Volume is 30, the client will pay for 30 seconds of the call
Grace Volume

Time interval that will not be tariffed (free time). For instance, if you specified 5 sec as Grace Volume, all calls with duration up to 5 seconds (including calls with a session time of 5 seconds) will be free of charge.

Setup FeeSetup fee (charged when event duration is longer than 0 seconds).
Effective DateIndicate a date, on which this special rate will become effective. Before this date, the rate will not be used
End DateIndicate a date, after which this special rate will not be used
ServicesSelect a service for this rate (calls, SMSs, data)
Time ProfileDefine a time profile to be used for a current special rate
TagSpecify a tag for the respective rates. If it's not applicable, assign a (@) tag as default.
NotesAdditional information
Stash Future Rates

Select what the system should do to the future rates for the same destinations existing in the system:

  • preserve;
  • stash.
Force Notification

Select the system behavior regarding the notification process for the newly created rate:

  • hold;
  • force.
Number Length

Specify a minimum and maximum length of the destination number.

For example, if you have a rate of 3 USD for USA Code Name with indicated number length from 6 to 9, and another rate of 5 USD for the same USA Code Name without specified number length, all calls with a Dst Number between 6 and 9 digits will be billed by 3 USD , otherwise, by 5 USD.

(warning)   Attention

Please note that the creation of a special rate leads to the creation of regular rates in the Rates section. You will be able to edit them only by editing a special rate.

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