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Section overview

Data Source section is a first step to providing easier and more convenient work with data sources: files import, in particular. Previously, data source settings were split between Rate TablesResellers, Gatewaysand Number Portability and caused certain inconvenience in its configuration. Now, all these settings have been united in a single section making it possible to configure a data source in one place and use it throughout the entire system. The section is presented in the form of a table with the following columns:

Screenshot: Data Source section

Column NameDescription
IDData source identification number
NameData source name
ResellerThe name of the reseller the data source is assigned to
Connection typeType of connection to the data source
HostIP address or domain name
PortData source port

Functional buttons and icons, presented in the section, are as follows:


Allows creating a new data source

Allows deleting a data source from the system

Creating a New Data Source

To create a new data source,  you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Source button
  2. In the pop-up window, fill in the required fields (see screenshot below) and click OK

Screenshot: New Data Source creation form

NameIndicate a data source name
ResellerThe name of the reseller the data source is assigned to

Connection Type

Specify connection type:

  • SSH
  • FTP
  • IMAP  mail mode to download files
  • Web (Numuri)  -  web mode to download files

  • SMTP - for configuring a mail server

(warning)   Attention

Depending on a type you've chosen, the list of fields in the information block may differ

Security Layer


Specify security layer for SMTP server:

  • TLS
  • SSL
  • Plain
HostSpecify an IP address or domain name of the server. Unavailable for Web (Numuri) connection type
PortSpecify the port for SSH, IMAP or FTP type. Unavailable for Web (Numuri)


Specify gateway server login


Password for FTP connection, IMAP mailbox, and Numuri web service.

For SSH you have to create SSH-keys. Thus, this field is unavailable for this type.

For SMTP type, you can leave login&password fields empty if your server does not require such authentication.


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