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Section overview

xDR Disputes Manager is a full-featured add-on of the system that could be used to compare xDRs given by your client/vendor with xDRs stored in the system.

Screenshot: xDR Disputes List

IDID of a dispute
Client/AccountClient and Accounts of a current dispute 
PeriodPeriod of compared xDR files and timezone
Total Qty

Total amount of compared xDRs

No LNumber of xDRs that were not found in the system
No ENumber of xDRs that were not found in the external xDR file
UpdatedDate of the last dispute update

Functional buttons/icons presented in the section are as follows:


Allows adding a new dispute to the system

Allows editing selected disputes
Allows viewing dispute details
Allows deleting a dispute from the system

(warning)   Attention

If the xDRs Disputes section is not displayed in your JeraSoft Billing, you need to enable it in the System > Roles section.

Creating a New Dispute

The whole process can be divided into three steps.

Step 1. Selecting a File and Specifying All Required Parameters

To create a new dispute, click the Add New Dispute button. Then you need to upload a target xDR file and specify the next information in the opened pop-up window:

Screenshot: Adding New Dispute. Step 1

ClientSpecify a client for the dispute. If indicated, the Account field is disabled (and vice versa)
AccountSpecify an account for the dispute

Choose the type of compared xDRs:

  • origination
  • termination
Code NameSpecify a code name of the desired destination. If indicated, the Code field is disabled (and vice versa)
CodeSpecify a code of the desired destination
Code DeckSelect a code deck that will be used for a current dispute
Select FileUpload the xDR file for comparison
Date Format

Specify date format of xDRs

(warning)   Attention

Please note that by default date format is set to auto and has the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.

PeriodSpecify a period of a dispute
Override Timezone checkboxIf enabled, the timezone in the imported file will be replaced with the specified timezone in the Period field

When you fill in all required fields, click the Process>> button.


xDR Disputes have developed optimization algorithms of the file uploading process. Hence, we strongly recommend uploading files with a limited number of columns. The dispute file must contain only 6 columns for correct auto-detection while importing.

Step 2. Rows and Columns Select

The system will recognize the file and display a few first rows of it. Following this, you need to select these mandatory columns: Src Party ID, Dst Party ID, Volume, Connect Time, Finish Time. Then, click Process>> again (see screenshot below).

Screenshot: Rows and Columns Select window. Step 2

Step 3. Receiving Results of comparison

After you click Process>>, the system will execute the comparison of a local xDR and the imported one, and the Dispute Details window will be opened. Then you need to click the Update button and specify Compare Options in a respective pop-up window. Following this, click the Refresh button for the disputes results to be displayed (see screenshots below).

Screenshot: Disputes Details window. Step 3

Src Party IDEnter a number of last digits for source number comparison
Dst Party IDIndicate a number of last digits for destination number comparison
Connect TimeSpecify the possible time offset (in seconds) between the system and external xDRs
Finish TimeDefine the possible time offset (in seconds) between the system and external xDRs
VolumeSpecify the possible time offset (in seconds) between the system and external xDRs

Screenshot: Disputes Details window. Step 3

Red color indicates the mismatched xDRs (external or local, it depends on the marked letter L or E)
Yellow color indicates the matched xDRs with offset (external or local, it depends on the marked letter L or E). For example, the Volume value on a screenshot above for a local xDR is 98 and for external - 96

Green color indicates the exactly matched xDRs (external or local, it depends on the marked letter L or E)

(warning)   Attention

Please note that if at least one of the xDR's comparison parameters (Session Time/Connect Time or Session Time/Finish Time) matches the range of values specified in the Update option, it will be indicated as exactly matched xDRs (green color).

Click on a blue downward arrow  in the top right corner of the page to use Advanced Search. Note that by default, dispute details are filtered by the Mismatched type. 

Screenshot: Advanced Search drop-down menu 

Mass Edit

You may change the status of selected disputes by using the Mass Edit button. Simply select target disputes, click the Mass Edit button, choose a status in a respective field and press Process. All changes will be applied immediately.

Screenshot: Mass Edit button

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