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Client Packages Main Window

This section provides a possibility to see the full list of all packages, assign them to respective Client/Account.  To access these settings, go to Management section.

Screenshot: Client Packages list


Client Name of Client to whom package is assigned
AccountName of Account to whom package is assigned Shows for whom package is assigned
PackageName of assigned package

Shows, if respective package has some volume limits and time or money left

1. On the left side of the bar it shows the destinations, code or code names.

2. On the right side it shows a specified limit (see screenshot below).

Current period start/stop

A date of package's activation for respective client/account

A date of package's deactivation for respective client/account

Package start/stop

Effective start and stop date of the package

Marks package, that was successfully activated and will renew itself due to the package settings
Marks package, that is new for current user and not activated yet
Marks package, that is in the archive
Click this icon to edit the "Deal End Date"
Click this to insure that package will not be renewed, even if all requirements are met
This icon allows to revert changes triggered by the previous icon until Packages Manager starts
It allows to renew the package.  Besides, we strongly recommend not to renew the package on the expiration date.
Click this icon to cancel the package

To assign the package

Click the "Assign Package" button and a new window with settings appears. Then fill the form according to your demands and click «Apply» button. You can assign any number of packages. They will be activated when Package Manager service runs, and if a customer has enough balance for activation+subscription fees.

Screenshot: Client Packages form

Client Name of Client to whom package is assigned
AccountName of Account to whom package is assigned Shows for whom package is assigned
PackageName of assigned package

Deal Start Date

Package's limits and discounts are only effective after specified date

Deal End Date

Package's limits and discounts are disabled after specified date

QuantityNumber of packages to be assigned.
"Align to Payment Terms" check boxIf enable, it takes client's assigned payment terms as date of package first reactivation

"Recalculate to Period" check box

If enable, it recounts charge to next reactivation date.

For example, if specified payment terms are 30/1, the following package is activated on 20th of the current month and you enable this option, only 10 days charge will be applied, and a package will be reactivated on 1st of the next month.

Tip 1: you can also assign packages to the Resellers in this section.  

Tip 2: It is possible to assign a backdating package in the Client Packages. In order to update the deal end date of a package you need to change it in the Client Package settings and then restart the Package Manager. 

Please be aware that you should run the Package Manager several times until the current period of the package or its end date. 

Please note that when you edit the "Deal End Date" field of already assigned package, transactions will not remain unchanged.

If you click the delete icon  (i.e. remove an archived package entirely) in the Client Packages section you will delete a package with all transactions from the system. Also, this package will be removed from the Client Info form.

To delete the package completely you need to do the following:

  • delete the package from the list in the Client Packages section
  • open System/Task Scheduler section
  • run Packages Manager
  • return to the list of packages in the Client Packages section
  • sort the list of packages by the status "archive"
  • find a respective package and click the icon  to delete completely from the system.

To add the package

You can add a new package in the Retail section / Packages. Click "Add Package" button and in the pop-up window fill the form with settings. Read more about it in the Packages article.

Screenshot:  Packages section

When you change the name of the package in the Retail Packages, it will automatically change it in the Management Client Packages, even when this package is already assigned. The result is the following: you could not find and check changed package the system because there would be specified only an old name of the package in Invoices and Transactions.
We do not recommend to edit the name of already assigned package in the Retail  Packages.

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