This documentation relates to an earlier version of JeraSoft VCS.
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Accounts List

This section is designed to create and manage clients' accounts. Main window is represented by the list of all available accounts in the system:

Screenshot: Accounts section

Column NameDescription
IDClient's identification number
ClientClient's name
AccountAccount's name
Name/ ANI / IPThe way of clients identification
Tech PrefixTechnical prefix for users identification
Orig DetailsSettings of the Originator
Term DetailsSettings of the Terminator
To filter accounts by Client
To open the list of Clients

To view the history in the Audit log section

When you delete an account from the system, all associated statistics will be removed, amounts will be refunded and client balance will increase. 
We recommend deactivating useless accounts instead of completely deleting from the system. You can deactivate an account simply disabling Originator/Terminator settings checkboxes.

Quick Search

Use the Quick Search toolbar and click the down arrow on the top of the page for fast investigation (for instance, accounts belonging to a certain Client).
When you click the red down arrow , a drop-down menu appears.  

You can start a quick search by typing your keywords into the bar at the top of a page and clicking the "Search" button. To hide the drop-down search menu, click the upward pointing arrow .

Screenshot: Quick Search form


Adding New Account

To add a new account, click the “New Account” button. A dialog-window will show up where you should fill all needed fields:

Screenshot: Adding new account


SectionFields Description
GeneralGeneral information about account
  • Client
Specify a client whom this account will belong to
  • Name
Define a name of an account for JeraSoft VCS system
  • Ident by

The VCS system allows client identification in 3 different ways, you need to select one of mentioned below:

  • IP – gateway IP-address. You can specify multiple addresses, by dividing them with “;”. Also you can specify the subnet with mask here in CIDR-format, e.g. "", ''"
  • Name – gateway name or user login, that is used for identification
  • ANI (Automatic number identification) – called or caller phone number
  • Tech Prefix
Define technical prefix, that is used to identify users, when multiple clients use same gateway
  • Password

Set a user password that is used with login/password identification. Also can be used through default authentication mechanism. For more info please consult your switch system manuals

Note that the password can be automatically generated,you need just to click on the icon  in the password field.

  • VoIP Gateway
Specify a gateway for the account which will be in use only when billing this host calls. Please note that starting from VCS 3.8.6 it is possible to assign more than one VoIP Gateway to one account.
  • Notes
Additional information about current account
Originator SettingsSettings for your customers, who send calls to your switch
  • Rate Table
Select rate table for current account (it will have higher priority than rate table set for whole client) for origination side
  • Routing Plan
You can specify a custom routing plan for origination from this account
  • Tag

Specify a tag for a current origination account

  • Capacity
Set limitation for the number of simultaneous calls within this account
Terminator SettingsSettings for your vendors, to whom you send calls from your switch
  • Rate Table
Select rate table for current account (it will have higher priority than rate table set for whole client) for termination side
  • Tag
Specify a tag for a current termination account
  • Capacity
Set capacity for respective traffic direction
  • Protocol
Select respective protocol for current termination gateway
  • Proxy
Specify proxy for current termination gateway
  • Port
Specify port for current termination gateway

You can add the unlimited number of accounts for each client.

Please note that two identical accounts can be assigned only to different VoIP Gateways.

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