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Section overview

This section describes the list of currently available routing policies for VCS. Routing policy is a set of regulations and principles (appeal) that determine the way all available terminators are prioritized during dynamic routing. Each policy has its unique principles of terminators prioritizing and allows a user a wide variety of possibilities to configure the system in the best suitable way. Below you will find a description of 6 standard DR Policies:

Screenshot: DR Policies section

Complex LCRThree cheapest routes that are sorted by the quality.
Complex QualityThree routes with the highest quality that are sorted by price.
DID RoutingThe only applicable policy if your routing plan has a DID type of rule.

When the price is lower and a route quality is higher, it has a higher priority.

Simple LCRGeneric price-based routing.
Simple QualityGeneric quality-based routing.

Management of DR Policies

In the section, you are unable to add or delete any of the policies, nor can you edit their appeal. However, you can edit a policy name or its status. To do so, click on its name on the list, and a pop-up window, displaying policy details, will be displayed. Window's structure is as follows:

Screenshot: DR Policies management

NameName of the respective policy. Can be modified by a user

Policy can have two statuses:

  • Active - represented by a green icon in the section
  • Disabled - represented by a red icon in the section

Status can be modified by a user

AppealRegulations and principles represented as a formula for terminators prioritizing. Cannot be modified
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