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Packages List

The Packages section helps to add and manage any one-time or regular supplementary services that your company may provide in addition to VoIP. For example, you can create a package with rent of some equipment or create a free minutes promotional package.

The main window is a list that displays all packages that are currently available:


Screenshot: Packages section main window


IDID of current package
StatusStatus of current package


Is in use by a customer


Not in usage


Not used and not available anymore
NameCurrent title of the package. Max length is 64 symbols.
Activation feeShows a fee that will be charged upon package activation
Subscription feeCurrent fee that will be charged upon package renewal
PeriodShows the period of the package
ResellerCurrent package's owner

Adding New Package

You can add new package by clicking the «New Package» button. New window with settings contains the following information:

Screenshot: Package properties

Field NameDescription
NameName of your package
ResellerSpecify an owner for this package
StatusSelect a current status for the package: active/disabled/archived
PeriodSpecify a period for current package if it's renewable
Advance RenewDetermine a period before renewal date to process renewal
Renew DueIndicate a period the system will try to renew a package. If no value is specified, attempts to renew a package will be endless.
CurrencyDefine a currency for this package
"Fees include taxes" check boxIf enabled, taxes are included in package prices, if disabled – taxes will be calculated with respective Tax Profile of customer
"Align to payment Terms" check boxAllows system to align period of package to customer's payment Terms, evening Package billing with actual invoicing for voice traffic
"Recalculate to Period" check boxAllows recalculation of days up to Payment Terms period, if the package was activated somewhere in the middle

"Charge on call" check box

If enable, package subscription fee will be applied when the first call within this package is made. Otherwise, package would be free.


If there are multiple packages that satisfy a call, then a package with the highest priority will be used (i.e. priority 1 < priority 2).

Please note that packages with minutes will always be used before packages with money, regardless of the priority.

Dynamic TagAdd a tag for the events billed by this package
Start DateIndicate an effective date that the package should run. For temporary packages.
End DateDetermine an effective date that the package should end. For temporary packages.
Fee Type

Select the type of a fee. There are two possible types:

  • Activation – a fee that will be charged upon package activation
  • Subscription a fee that will be charged upon package renewal
Fee NameSpecify a name of a fee
Fee NoteHere you may enter additional information about a fee
RateIndicate the price for fees
Code DeckSpecify Code Deck if you plan to create limits by using Code Names
DID LimitsSpecify how many DID's and from which group can be assigned to a customer with this package
  • DIDs Quantity
How many DID's can be assigned at the same time
  • Allowed tags
Specify tags that are used while creating DIDs
  • On hold
Indicate how many days keep the DID on hold after the package deactivation
Volume Limits

Here you can create promotional minute packets that will be included in the package.  You can set both types (Money/Time) of Volume Limits within the same package
  • Code
Specify a code. Please note that package limits are working only for exact code, i.e. if a short code (for instance, '380') was added, package limits will work only for this code and won't automatically work for long codes like '38067'. To make volume limits work for long codes you must add *(for example, code 380*).
  • Code Name
Specify a code name from selected Code Deck
  • Type
Select a limitation type from the drop down list. You can set both types (Money/Time) within the same package
  • Limit
Enter amount of free minutes or bonus money (depends on selected limitation type) that will be used in current promotion for specified code or code name

When you assign different packages (with specified volume limits and tags) to the same client, two or more packages could not be used simultaneously.


A promotional discount of the package subscription fee. To set you need to specify the sequence number of the reactivation and indicate the discount value.

  • Activation Count

Specify the sequence number of the reactivation when the package will trigger the discount.
For example: if the Activation Count is 2. The discount will be applied for the second package reactivation and further.

  • Discount
The amount of subscription fee cut. Please specify the value with currency symbols (20 USD), not in percents

If the client doesn't have enough money for a package activation, a respective pending charge appears. This charge includes all amounts needed for a package activation. Also, you can add this charge in the invoice.

Volume Limits will be recalculated according to payment terms if the period is specified and both check boxes "Align to payment terms" and "Recalculated to Period" are enabled.

  1. When two similar packages (for example, with the same destinations) are assigned to the client, the system takes the package with the highest priority or earlier expiration date. Thus, only one package is being used for one established call. The second package will be applied right after the first one is fully used.
  2. If the client doesn't have enough funds for the package (with DID number) reactivation and DID hold date has already expired, attempts for package reactivation will be stopped. Note: the package reactivation will be stopped after “Renew Due" period. However, DID for this package will be expired after "On Hold" period. Therefore, we recommend to set the same values for DID "On Hold" and Package "Renew Due" parameters.

Information concerning Packages assignment to a certain client can be found here: Client Packages.

When you change the name of the package  in the Retail Packages, it will automatically change it in the Management  Client Packages in the Package sectioneven already assigned packages. The result is the following: you could not find and check changed package the system because there would be specified only an old name of the package in Invoices and Transactions. 
We do not recommend to edit the name of already assigned package in the Retail Packages.

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