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Section overview

The Call Shops section allows you to create and manage call shops networks. Each call shop is a RADIUS-based customer. That's why for correct work of the Call Shops section, RADIUS must be enabled. The section consists of all existing call shops, each containing such details as name, balance, rate table, etc. (see screenshot below).

Screenshot: Call Shops section main window

Advanced Search

In the top right corner of the section above the table, the Advanced Search drop-down menu is located. To filter section data, fill in the following drop-down menu and click Search:

Screenshot: Advanced Search drop-down menu


Creating a New Call Shop

To create a new call shop, click the New Call Shop button and fill in the following details in a pop-up window:

Screenshot: Creating new call shop / Clients form

NameEnter a name for a call shop
ResellerSelect a reseller that will be an owner of this call shop
CurrencySpecify preferred currency
TimezoneChoose a preferred timezone

Select a status for this call shop:

  • active
  • stop
  • deleted
Allowed CreditSpecify the credit value here
Rate TableChoose a rate table this call shop will be using
Tax ProfileSpecify a Tax Profile this call shop will be using
Routing PlanSelect a routing plan, if you wish to use dynamic routing for this call shop
CapacityYou can limit origination capacity for this call shop in this field

When all information is entered, click OK and a call shop will appear on the list.

Steps to activate a call shop

When a call shop is created, you will be forwarded to the Accounts section. To activate a call shop, you need to follow these steps:

  1. In the Accounts section, create an account for your call shop's account. Specify a rate table here, if you didn't indicate it in call shop's settings.
  2. Return to the Call Shops section. Your call shop will be marked as Ready. To proceed, click on its name.
  3. Fill in the respective form (see screenshot below) and click the Activate button. Now, your call shop is ready.

Screenshot: Call shop settings

Interval Reload 

Also, you may set an interval for call shops list reloading. To do this, click the Reload Interval button and select the value from the drop-down list. 

(warning)  Attention

Please note, that the Calculator tool must be in a real time mode for correct Call Shops work.

Finalize/Reactivate a Call Shop

According to your demands, you can change an active period of the call shop.

Therefore, you may finish the call shop activities by clicking the Finalize button. Or you can reactivate the same call shop when it's over by clicking Reactivate on the toolbar.

To open the window with respective settings, click on the name of the call shop when it's already activated. 

Screenshot: Call Shop settings

Also, you can print the bill of the following call shop by using the Print Bill button. To close the window, click a respective button.

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