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Section overview

This section represents a built-in calling cards generator that allows you to create or change cards series for prepaid customers. Each generated card is considered a billing client, so a customer can perform calls, log in to their client panel to browse statistics and other relevant information.

Screenshot: Calling Cards section main window

StatusA name that describes current cards series

Indicates that cards series is active

Indicates that cards series is stopped

Indicates that cards series is deleted
Number of Series | Name of Series

A code of cards series and its name (if indicated). This code will prepend a serial number (only numeric, up to 100,000,000)

BalanceCards balance value within a current series
QtyQuantity of cards within a series
ResellerName of a reseller, who owns a cards series
Rate TableRate table, applied to respective cards series
Act. FeePrice of cards series activation fee
Maint. FeeFixed charge for activated cards within a series

Advanced Search

In the top right corner of the section above the table, the Advanced Search drop-down menu is located. By clicking on a red downwards arrow  icon (calling cards in the section are filtered by Active status and All resellers by default), the following drop-down menu is displayed:

Screenshot: Advanced Search drop-down menu

To apply the specified search criteria, click the Search button; to cancel the applied parameters, click Reset.

Creating a Card Series

To create a card series, click the New Cards Series button and a new window with settings will pop-up: 

Screenshot: Generate cards series window

Series NameIndicate a name for a cards series
Series Number

Define a code of a cards series. This code will prepend a serial number (only numeric, up to 100 000 000).  For example, if the Series Number is 45, the cards number will start with 45:

45-001122333, 45-001122334 and so on.

BalanceSpecify the cards balance value within a current series
QuantitySet the number of calling cards within a current series
PIN LengthSpecify a PIN-code length for a current calling cards series (it can be no less than 8 digits)
StatusDefine an initial status of created calling cards within a series. Can be changed later in cards series settings
Control Panel checkboxDefines whether calling cards users can log in to their control panels or not. If enabled, a user can log in to the control panel by using the card serial number as login and a PIN-code as password
NotesIndicate additional information regarding a cards series (optional)
Rate TableDefine a rate table for all cards within a series. This field is mandatory
Tax ProfileSelect a respective tax profile that will be used for billing settings
Routing PlanSelect a routing plan for a current cards series
Activation FeeEnter an activation fee in this field (if necessary)
Maintenance FeeDefine a charged fee each X hours for all activated cards
Expiration dateCurrent calling cards series will be expired on a specified date
Expiration periodWhen a specified number of days passes, starting from activation date, a current calling cards series will be expired

After specifying all necessary fields, click OK and a new cards series will be created. 

Calling Cards Series Properties

To open series properties, click Series Number, and you will be displayed a table of calling cards with the following columns:

Screenshot: Cards List tab



Status of a card within a current series. There are 4 possible statuses: activated, pending, expired, used
NumberNumber of a card within a current series
BalanceBalance of a respective calling card
PINRespective calling card PIN-number
  1. You can export the whole card series to an .xls file by clicking the Download XLS  icon (see screenshot above).
  2. You can use the Advanced Search drop-down menu to find a card by clicking on a blue downwards arrow  icon in the right-hand corner of the page (see screenshot above)

To change the previously entered parameters while creating a series, please open the Edit Cards Series tab.

Screenshot: Edit Cards Series tab

(warning)   Attention

The Calling Cards feature works only via RADIUS-protocol, so to make use of it, you need to have RADIUS enabled. Also, you would like to use a specific platform that is able to handle calling card series authorization, for example, Mera IP Centrex or Quintum Tenor DX (class 5 switch).

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