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Section overview

This section is designed to configure methods your customers may use to recharge their balance.
Currently, there are following default methods in the system (see screenshot below): 

Screenshot: Payment Gateways section 

Configuring Payment Gateways

To configure the gateways, you need to select a Reseller by using Settings for drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the section (see screenshot below). It means that all clients belonging to the selected Reseller will have these settings. The settings depend on the payment system and can include specific options for each. Below, as an example, you can find a description of fields that have to be specified while choosing the QIWI service.

Screenshot: Settings for a drop-down menu


EmailRespective QIWI email that should be used
Provider IDIdentification number of a QIWI provider
IPQIWI gateway IP. Specified IP address must be separated by a comma without spaces
Payment AccountPayment account that should be used for payment from respective payment gateway
DescriptionUser will see this text as a tool-tip for the current payment method

What is more, you may specify the order of displayed payment methods (if more than one method is selected) in the Order position field in the top-right corner of the Payment method section.

Screenshot: Order position field

(warning)   Attention

For proper work of the PayPal service, you should enable access for a list of IP addresses in your Firewall settings, which can be found here.

Moreover, you can find a detailed description on how to enable IPN by visiting the following link.

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