This documentation relates to an earlier version of JeraSoft VCS.
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Quick Search 

This tool is used to perform a search of any information within current section. For example, you can search for clients, rates, etc. Several VCS sections have an advanced search function. Click the down arrow next to the search toolbar to open these settings.


Screenshot: Quick Search toolbar

  1. Quick Search toolbar will not be present in every section of the system. It's available for sections with listed information – Clients section, Rate Tables, etc.
  2. If the down arrow has red color, this means that search is performed on selected parameters.


There is SmartBar shortcut panel to provide quick access to frequently used sections. You can add any number of sections to the panel.

To add the shotcut, open a respective section and then click the plus sign in the panel.  As the result, a corresponding icon will appear to the right of the line with other icons. To remove the shortcut, click the minus sign at the same location.


Screenshot: SmartBar panel


To have access to fast-changing system information system features the information panel – InfoBar. You can find this panel at top-right part of the page.

Screenshot: InfoBar settings

CDR queue
CDRs in queue for rerating
CDRs in queue for parsing
Information about system alerts
Load average on server / Number of CPU cores
Number of running billing services

Change Password

You can change current password by using Change Password menu (see screenshot below):

Screenshot: Change Password settings

To change a password, enter current password in Old Password field, and enter a new password in New Password and Confirm Password fields.  Then, click “OK”.


To get more details about the VCS system, current version, license number and limits, other components, click "About" on the InfoBar. 

System Logout

You can logout from system by clicking "Logout" on the InfoBar. 

Section Tabs

Several sections in the system have respective tabs for making the work with billing much more easier and comfortable.

Screenshot: Clients section settings/tabs

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