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Report Queries List 

This section allows you to view, execute and manage the Report Queries of Active Sessions, Balance Report, Customer Dynamics, Invoicing Report, LCR Lists, Orig-Term Report, Profit Report, Rates Analysis, Routing Analysis, Summary Report, and xDRs List. Moreover, you can send reports to email to keep yourself informed about the traffic status without the need to log in to the system and query reports. The section structure is as follows:


Information BlockDescription
NameSpecify a name of the template

It allows controlling the visibility of respective reports templates whether you want to keep templates private or leave them visible for other users:

  • Public - available for all users of the same Reseller
  • Private - accessible strictly for the creator.
ReportHere, a report type will be prefilled.
Filters / Output

Here you need to specify filters that will be used for generating a correct report and choose the output type to view the report

To Email Tab

After creating the Query, you can manage whether to allow generating reports at the specific times and send results to specified emails. For this, open the needed Report Query, and click the To Email tab: