This documentation relates to an earlier version of JeraSoft VCS.
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Personal logo and styles customization

You may personalize your panel to make it fit better to your company style. You can start with logo and, if you are familiar with CSS, you may add CSS styles. Below, you can find locations for the respective files. Please note that given paths relate to /opt/jerasoft/vcs/portal-frontend/dist/assets.

  • Logo for Login Page – image-resources/logo-login.png
  • Logo for Client Portal – image-resources/logo-panel.png
  • CSS Files – client_portal_custom.css


You need to re-apply your settings after each JeraSoft Billing upgrade.

Functional customization

If you wish to tune panel in more details (for example add or remove features) you can just copy source code to another server and modify it. Do not modify code at default deployment location, otherwise, all the changes made will be removed during the system upgrade.

The panel consists of two parts:

  • Frontend - responsible for the user interface (style, formatting, and logic)
    • Development Stack: JS/Angular, CSS/Bootstrap
    • Located at /opt/jerasoft/vcs/portal-frontend/
  • Backend - responsible for serving data between system API and Frontend
    • Development Stack: PHP/Yii2, Swagger
    • Located at /opt/jerasoft/vcs/portal-backend/

These both parts have to be copied to a dedicated server if you would like to make any modifications in how Client Panel looks and works. Both parts come with all source code, which you can use as a starting point for your development or as a reference guide to developing your own portal from scratch.

Feel free to modify the code, improve it or extend, build it into some other platforms. For example, you can update the menu, a panel view, edit a set of filters, modify grouping options or create your own panel by taking it as an example of functional implementation.

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