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Section overview

Services presented in this section reflect the major utilities for billing all types of data, including calls, SMSIoT events, etc. This section represents a list of all existing services in the system 

Screenshot: Services section

Functional buttons/icons presented in the section are as follows:


Allows to create a new service

Allows deleting a service from the system. Requires confirmation

Adding a New Service

To proceed to the service creation process:

  • Click the New Service button
  • Fill in all required fields in a pop-up window (screenshot below)
  • Click OK

Screenshot: New service creation form

Information BlockFields Description

General information about a service
  • Name

Title of the new service

  • Quantity

Type of a unit group (time, event, data) that will measure the service

  • Rounding Precision
Number of decimal places for volume formatting. Used in reports.
  • Ident Code

ID that will be used to identify the unit in the xDRs


Depending on a unit group chosen in the Quantity field, the following unit values will be applied to the fields of the Units section

  • for time: sec, min, hour, day
  • for event: event
  • for data: B, kB (1000 B), KB (1024 B), mB (10002 B), MB (10242 B), gB (10003 B), GB (10243 B)
  • Rating

Choose the unit that will be used for rates and for packages limits

  • Rating Params

Indicate the unit for extra rate parameters like Min Volume

  • Reports

Select the unit for all aggregated reports

  • Detailed Reports

Determine the unit for detailed xDR reports

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