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There are 4 main sections in the Client Panel – Overview, Billing & Payments, Usage History, and Account Settings. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

  Screenshot: Client Panel section


  • Dashboard – displays an overview of a real-time user's balance and last 30 days of executed charges. By clicking on Refill Balance, you will be moved to the corresponding Refill Balance page (allows replenishing client's balance by means of configured payment gateways). Currently, the Client Panel supports PayPal and service providers. By clicking on View Details, you will be forwarded to Detailed page.

  • Rates – shows all rates and allows to easily sort and search them by services.

Billing and Payments

  • Redeem Voucher - allows the user to refill his account by means of top-up cards, specified in Top-up Cards section.
  • Payment History displays a full history of conducted payments.
  • Charges History - display a full history of conducted charges.
  • Invoices - shows all invoices that belong to the user with a possibility to download them.

Usage History

  • Summary grants the user a possibility to view the summary report on the executed events, allowing to easily filter data by period, service, account or package.
  • Detailed shows detailed statistics about all client's calls, performed within a specified period of time.

Account Settings

  • Profile Settings - allows the user to update the profile settings, including company name, billing email, address, registration, and tax IDs.
  • Change Password - allows the user to change his password to the Client Panel.

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