This documentation relates to an earlier version of JeraSoft VCS.
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The Client Panel is a separate application integrated with JeraSoft VCS via API. It has a user-friendly interface and is tailored for your clients to manage services they purchased. For example, they can check their rates, refill balance, update contact and billing details, check a detailed call history with all related statistics and cost.

It has been designed to be as simple and easy to understand as possible and should cut a lot of basic customers' questions. The panel is provided as an open-source, so it can be used as a starting point for your own development or as a reference and example.  


Starting from the VCS 3.13, the Client Panel will be hosted by default on 9080 port. To access it, open http://VCS-IP-ADDRESS:9080/. Moreover, you could assign your own domain name to the panel.

Functional advantages

  1. Fully API based

    The system is fully based on API integration. Therefore, it does not require any direct access to the VCS database and provides a more secure approach.

  2. Can be hosted separately

    You can move the Client Panel to other server and just configure VCS IP address in the API settings. As a result, you can fully isolate VCS from the public Internet.

  3. Full Open Sourced

    The panel comes with all source code. It allows you to either customize the system or extend it, or just use as a reference guide for the development of your own panel.

More details about Client Panel can be found in the following articles:

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