This section allows to send/receive JSON-RPC API calls via the web interface. It is important to understand that this section allows you to actually run API requests, it is not a simulation. So if you requested to delete or modify a client by running an API request, this client will be actually deleted from the system or modified.

Screenshot: API Testbed



URL is set by default according to current server settings

ModuleSelect which module to call
ActionSet which action to call
LoginSpecify a login that will be used during the call

Specify a password that will be used during the call

ParametersEnter JSON data that will be sent to the API

After the "Send Request" button is pressed you will see:

Both request and response are shown as JSON tree with ability to switch to RAW JSON (Screenshot).

Screenshot: API Request & API Response

Also, it's possible to include specific charges by ID in the invoices in the API Testbed section. The ID for extra charges and packages you can check in the Transactions section. Then you need to add the variable "charges_list" with respective values in the "Parameters" field of the API Testbed section (see screenshot below):

Screenshot: API Testbed settings


API method "clients/authorizeAdd" allows to add a pre-configured client's profile. It enables to transfer the client's credentials via API and there is no need to register the client via Client's Panel. It includes next parameters: id_clients, id_customer_profile, id_payment_profile.

Please note, if the user has access to delete gateways via API Testbed, he can remove all gateways regardless of which reseller owns respective gateway.