Top-up Cards List

This section allows generating series of top-up cards for your customers. These cards can be used to recharge the balance. The main window of this section is displayed on screenshot:


Screenshot: Top-Up Cards section main window

Creating New Series

To create new series, click the «Generate Top-Up Cards» button.


Screenshot: New Top-up Cards window


Field NameDescription
AmountCards balance value within series. This amount will be added to the customer's balance on activation.
QuantityNumber of cards within series
SeriesA code identifier of card series. This code will prepend a serial number. For example, if the series is "101", the full card number will be "101-23423423".
PIN LengthSpecify the desired PIN-code length for current calling card series (it can not be less than 8 digits)
ResellerDefines the reseller that owns current calling card series
Expiry dateCurrent calling cards series will be expired on specified date


After top-up card series is created, your customers will be able to enter respective PINs in their control panel in Payment Gateways section, to recharge their balance (respective rights for users are required).


The status of top-up cards is displayed in Top-Up Cards main window in a form of the following icons:

 Shows, that the current card is new
 Shows, that the current card is activated
 Shows, that the current card is expired

Mass Top-up Cards Edit 

Also, you may delete cards or change some settings for already created top-up cards using "Mass Edit" button. In the following window you can specify expiration date of cards by changing  state of respective "Expiry Date" field to "set to" and select data and time, and define a reseller who will be the owner of these cards by changing state of "Company" field to "set to" and select a reseller from drop-down list, then click the "Process" button and all changes will be applied. The "Delete all" button will wipe out all existing top-up cards.

Screenshot: Top-up cards "Mass Edit" window

Mass edit optionsDescription
Optional parameters
  • preserve - the default configuration that saves the rate not edited. Leave this parameter unchanged if required;
  • set to - it allows to edit rates, for example, specify the same expiry date for all rates at once, regardless of previous configurations.
Expiry DateFinal date after which the rate will expire
CompanyName of one of your companies (or affiliates) that you can add in Reseller section