After you generate a new top-up card, you need to activate it. Otherwise, this top-up card will be accessible in the system, but not available for usage. 
You can monitor whether the card is active in the Retail section > Top-up cards (see screenshot below).

Screenshot: Top-up cards section


Follow the easy steps to activate your card on 3.20.0 version of JeraSoft Billing system:

  1. Go to your Client Panel and log in.
  2. Then go to Billing & Payment > Redeem Voucher.
  3. Enter your card number in the Voucher Code field.
  4. Click the Redeem button.

Follow the easy steps to activate your card for one Reseller on 3.19.0 version of JeraSoft VCS system:

  1. Check whether an appropriate Reseller is assigned to a new top-up card. 
  2. Go to the Payment Gateways and enable the Top-up cards checkbox.

    Screenshot: Payment Gateways settings


  3. Specify a payment account and add a description in the Payment Gateways section.
  4. Then, go to the Clients section to select the client and open his Client Panel. 
  5. Go to  Billing & Payment > Refill Balance, choose a payment method, and target amount. 

  6. Click the Process button.

Screenshot: Refill balance settings/ Control panel

Please note that the Payment Gateways section was moved to Client Portal configuration in later versions. You can get more info about it here.

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