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After you generate a new top-up card, you need to activate it. Otherwise, this top-up card will be accessible in the system, but not available for usage. 
You can monitor whether the card is active in the Retail section > Top-up cards (see screenshot below).
Screenshot: Top-up cards section


Follow the easy steps to activate your card for one Reseller:

  1. Check whether an appropriate Reseller is assigned to a new top-up card. 
  2. Go to the Payment Gateways and enable the Top-up cards checkbox.

    Screenshot: Payment Gateways settings


  3. Specify a payment account and add a description in the Payment Gateways  section.
  4. Then, go to the Clients section to select the client and open his Client Panel. 
  5. Go to  Billing & Payment > Refill Balance, choose payment method and target amount. 

  6. Click Process button.
    Screenshot: Refill balance settings/ Control panel

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