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Dashboard is the customizable section with charts that makes the most relevant report data available on one screen.

It allows you to monitor your customer's activities in real-time, by providing visual charts on some most crucial information. Here you can find all charts that were created in the Summary Report, Orig-Term Report and Active Calls sections and exported to the Dashboard

To know more about charts visit our Knowledge Base and look through the article "How to create a statistic chart?".

To start work with this section, please use the quick access toolbar (see the screenshot below):

Screenshot: Dashboard toolbar 

  1. Here you can browse dashboard space. You can have several dashboards. Click on the field and select a relevant Dashboard (for example, Default) from the drop-down list. 
  2. To view the advanced settings click the "Options" button on the toolbar.

    • You can change the name of the respective dashboard by typing the text in the "Dashboard name" field, click "Save" and reload the page.
    • To copy the dashboardclick "Copy" and reload the page. Then you check the list of available dashboards. 
    • Also, you can remove any dashboard by clicking the "Delete" button. 

  3. To add a relevant chart to the dashboard, click the "Show Chart" button. Then choose the category of the chart ( i.e. Summary report /Orig-Term report/ Active Calls) and select the respective chart from the drop-down list. You could add several charts and use the vertical scrolling to browse the space. 

    Please note, the Resellers and admins have its own dashboards. The created dashboards while logged in the system as respective Reseller will be visible only for this Reseller.

    Please note that you can plot in the chart only existing statistics in the report. It doesn't show time periods where there is no data. You can check an actual date interval by clicking the Info icon and it could be different from the specified interval if there is no date for the period.

    When you choose the Time parameters for the Axis X (i.e. Year, Month, Date, Time) and there is only one period, the line chart will not display the data. For example, if you choose the Month on Axis X and the statistics is only presented for January, the line chart will be empty in this case.

Screenshot: General example of chart

Screenshot: Orig-Term chart

Screenshot: Active calls chart


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