JeraSoft VCS can be integrated with the iXLink - a business-to-business information exchange platform that enables all communication service providers, regardless of size or level of automation, to quickly and efficiently access and share business documents among their trading partners (vendor's rate sheets in our case).

JeraSoft VCS works with iXLink via Rates Management section. In a nutshell, there is an ability to receive new rate sheets in a required format and automatically import them from the email address. This function is called Automatic Email Import and can be found in Parameters tab of each rate table in Rate Tables  section.  

To properly integrate iXLink platform with VCS you need to do the following:

  1. Get the iXLink solution.
  2. In iXLink settings, you need to specify the email that iXLink will use to send converted rates sheets; the same email that is used by JeraSoft VCS to receive these sheets and import them via Automatic Email Import.

  3. Then you need to configure the Automatic Email Import tool up to your preferences. More info on that can be found here: Automatic Email Import



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