JeraSoft VCS provides you RADIUS Real time fraud protection to enhance safety and reduce frauds quantity. It has the following functionality:

  • Checking if there is more than one call to the same destination number (possibly excluding the last N digits).
  • Creating an email with call details (Subject: VCS ONLINE Fraud Detection).
  • Configurable minimum time between messages (minimum interval must be 10 sec).
  • Possibility to be configured per Reseller.

(warning) Attention

Please pay attention that Fraud protection option is configured separately for each Reseller, and, if you enabled Fraud protection for the root Reseller, it won't be active for his sub-resellers. Note that this functionality is available only for Resellers, not for managers.

To enable fraud protection, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to target reseller's profile settings and enable the Fraud Protection checkbox.
  2. Then, specify the notification frequency in a respective field, i.e., the time period in seconds between sent notifications (minimum interval must be greater or equal to 10 sec).
  3. Also you need to define the amount of the last number digits, which will be ignored when determining a destination number in the Skip digits field.
  4. If you want to receive them to exact email, go to the Configuration tab of the Events Log section, and add a new rule with the indication of target email and aaa.fraud value in the Tag field.

Screenshot: Fraud Protection settings

The example below illustrates the working principle of Fraud protection functionality:

Let's say, we've enabled Fraud protection for Reseller A with defined notification frequency of 180 secIt means, we will see the first alert in Events Log when there will be 2 simultaneous calls to that number. Then, after 3 minutes (or, in other words, 180 sec), as soon as we receive another START packet for this number, we will get the next notification that will show the amount of calls, which were made to this number during these 180 sec.

So, if we want to receive notifications more frequently, we should decrease the time period of sent notifications in the Notification frequency field.

(warning) Attention

Please note that Fraud protection requires RADIUS Accounting and active calls enabled.


This functionality is available starting from version 3.7.0.