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We've outlined the US taxation setup in the article US Taxation. The current article is aimed to describe the peculiarities of SureTax settings for JeraSoft Billing v3.20 and older versions.

In general, to set up SureTax taxation for your client, you need to:

  • adjust settings on Reseller and Client levels;
  • configure an Invoice Template.


Please make sure you have an account with SureTax service to be able to connect it to JeraSoft Billing.

Reseller and Client Tax Settings

  1. Go to the Management > Resellers section and open the target reseller's settings.
    1. Specify the Client Number and Validation Key fields in the SureTax Settings information block.

Screenshot: Reseller's settings

2. Go to the Clients section and open the target client's settings.

    1. Find the Tax Profile field and select SureTax from the drop-down list.
      (If you apply taxes for the reseller, select SureTax in the reseller settings too).

    2. Fill in the ZIP code field (it's applicable for suretax calculation of non-calls charges: packages and extra charges).  

Screenshot: Client's settings

Invoices Templates Configuration

  1. Open the Invoice Templates section.
  2. Create a new invoice template or edit an existing one.
  3. Add an addition Custom Taxes table with {name} and {cost} variables.
  4. Go to table Class in the Properties by right mouse clicking. Input suretax_items manually in the Class field (or custom_taxes for versions starting 3.21)

  5. In case you have Packages for the client, put in the{payment_date} variable to the Packages table

Screenshot: Invoice Template settings

Important Notes

  1. For proper usage of SureTaxDst and Src Numbers must be in NPANXXNNNN (10 digits) format for calls, and a correct ZIP code must be specified in the client's setting for non-calls charges. 
  2. When you specify SureTax as a client's tax profile, the taxes will be only calculated while invoicing. Respective taxes will not be shown in the Transactions section. Once you have created an invoice, a request to the third-party tax calculation engine SureTax was sent and taxes would be displayed in the invoice. Only after this an additional charge Suretax will appear in the list of transactions.
  3. SureTax Taxes Profiles do not allow manual tax values management as they will be dipped from the tax calculation engines.
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