Orig-Term Report is not displayed.


This can be caused due to several reasons:

  1. Report Generator tool is not responding.
  2. There is no new statistics at all.
  3. Calls rerating process is running for a long time period.


Firstly, you need to generate statistics at least for the last 2 hours in Summary Report, checking at the same time if statistics is generated at all.

If there is no statistics, detailed description of what should be done, you may find in the following article: What to do if there is no new statistics?.

Secondly, Report Generator logs must be checked for correct work. Please note that report generating process takes some time and if Report Generator  is working, you need just to give it some time to generate an Orig-Term report. Also note that in the Event Log section, you can see all processes that are handled by Report Generator in different periods.

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