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The Dynamic Routing section has the function of providing routing based on not only Dst numbers but also Src numbers. To implement the scenario of routing by an Src Number, you will need to utilize Tags. A Tag doesn't need to be pre-existent in the system, you can assign it to relate the traffic to some groups and view the list of created Tags later in the ConfigurationTags section.

Case scenario: We need to perform a specific type of routing for a vendor if calls are coming from the USA, A-number is “+1”. In all other cases, routing should be done via general LCR logic. 

To route a call by an Src number using Tags, in this case, you need to:

Step 1

Go to the ManagementTraffic Processing section and create a Traffic Processing Rule with these parameters:

  • Origin: origination
  • Mode: Allow and Continue OR Allow
  • Stage: After Client OR After Rate
  • Filter: Src Match: ^\+1(.*)$ OR Src prefixes: “+1
  • Add Tag: your_special_tag

Step 2

In the Routing Plans section, create a Routing Plan for this case. In the Routing Rules tab, the following settings need to be present in a Routing Rule:

  • Destination set as the USA;
  • Respective vendor set as a Terminator;
  • In the Params view, set your_special_tag under the parameter Originator Tags (Any).

Step 3

Run Traffic Rules Manager or wait ~5-6 minutes till it runs according to schedule and check the Routing Analysis section for the desired result.

For versions before 3.11.2 JeraSoft VCS system

Option 1

Go to Configuration > Client Groups and create a Group of Orig Traffic type;

Go to Management > Clients and open the customer's presets tab, find Traffic Processing, and perform a translation of Orig type. As a result, in case a call comes from a specific Src number (use Src Match field), the system will put this call into Group you've just created (for routing by Src Number).

Option 2

Go to Management > Accounts and open Origination Account settings and put this account into the Group you've just created (for routing by Orig Group);

Go to the customer's Routing Plan and select in routing rule the Orig Group you've just created in Allow routing only for the following groups field. This will ensure that the current rule will be applied only for the traffic of the specified Group (either all traffic from designated Src Number(s) or from the specified customer's account belonging to an Orig Group).