VCS doesn't generate new calls in statistics.


This can be caused by several reasons:

  1. Calculator / Downloader / Collector  is hanged.
  2. Missing SSH keys.
  3. Wrong format of xDRs (e.g., incorrect delimiter).
  4. Missing session time in xDRs.


  1. Check System Status for Calculator / Downloader / Collector and, depending on the issue, restart respective tool.
  2. Check Events Log  for Downloader events: connection is refused message describes missing SSH keys.
  3. Check xDRs format and correct it. Usually, it is done via correcting the switch software configuration of  xDR creating tool.
  4. Check Events Log  for Collector events: call without session time message indicates that xDR does not have an essential call duration value, so it is skipped. It also can be repaired via applying changes to switch configuration.