You can set a specific payment mode that will be applied for a respective client.  

To set up a payment mode, you need to:

1) Go to the Clients section and open the target Client's profile;

2) Select the type of payment mode in Originator Settings:

  • The Credit Limit field enables a prepaid mode. If you want to have a credit, you can set the exact credit limit in the field. Alternatively, you can leave the field empty and no credit will be allowed for a customer.
  • The checkbox Unlimited enables the postpaid mode with no limit. It is disabled by default.

3) Then click OK to apply changes.

(warning)   Attention

If Unlimited Credit checkbox is not enabled, the client's Available balance (Live Balance + Credit) will be checked on RADIUS or SIP authorization. Otherwise, the client will have unlimited credit. 

Screenshot: Client's settings