Solution for VCS version 3.10.0 and older

Such routing plan is very common especially when you want to use Dynamic Routing, but you need to exclude some specific vendor for all customers' calls. In this case, you need to do several simple steps:

  1. Create target termination group in Configuration > Groups.
  2. Assign accounts of a target terminator to this group in a respective client's settings.
  3. Just during creating dynamic routing rule - do not check the box with specified group in Params.

Solution for VCS versions 3.11.0 - 3.15.0

With a introduction of tags instead of groups, the procedure of excluding vendors via Dynamic Routing has slightly changed. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to Management > Preset section.
  2. Create a new preset rule indicating a target vendor in Term Client field and Deny action in a respective field.

Solution for VCS version 3.16.0 and newer

After the Preset section has been merged into the Traffic Processing, the following is required to block a certain vendor:

  1. Go to Management > Traffic Processing section.
  2. Create a new traffic rule with such field values: Type - After Routing, Origin - Termination, Client - target vendor, Mode - Deny.