There is no statistics in xDR Report.


In fact, there can be several reasons for the issue:

  1. Depending on integration method, the data simply hasn't been parsed or uploaded.
  2. Statistics hasn't been not calculated.


The first thing you should do – generate statistics for the last 2 days via Summary Report and group it by hour. Probably it is just an hour delay, so xDRs haven't been uploaded yet.

If there is no statistics, you have to revise integration methods with switch where the data is absent.

  • In case of RADIUS-integration, look at /usr/local/vcs/var/log/bbradiud.log  (VCS 3.12.0 and lower) or /opt/jerasoft/vcs-data/log/bbradius.log  (VCS 3.13.0 and higher) to find new packets and then check RADIUS configuration.
  • If there are xDR files, you have to check whether new files had been added.
  • If files proceed, you need to verify whether they have been parsed.

Thus, you may define the availability of new data in billing. If it appeared, but statistic is still absent, you have to check if it's calculated.

(warning)   Attention

It also can be the case when statistics exist, but it's not available in report:

  • Probably wrong time or date is set on switch and accordingly statistics is written with wrong timestamp.