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Before accessing the system make sure that your IP is allowed on the firewall. Also, please make sure that rest of the world is blocked by firewall. You can get more details about it in the VCS JeraSoft Billing First Steps.


In order to make any request to the API, you need to authenticate using login and password.


In order to find out arguments for this method, you may look for HTTP request in your browser (using FireBug in Firefox, Developer Tools in Chrome). Another way is to check for dump in /usropt/localjerasoft/vcs/varcore/pycore/logtools/runtime.log which  which looks like:

Code Block
[20-Jan-2012 17:32:06+0200] [webAdmin/#260808] REQUEST: /companies/add
    [type] => 10
    [name] => TESTCOMPANY
    [id_companies] => 
    [prepaid] => 1
    [credit] => 0.00