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Starting from this version, VCS comes with an updated Events Log functionality and modified Configurations tab. 

  • Events Log toolbar toolbar has the possibility to to search and filter by tags.  Now, you can filter output messages/alerts/errors by respective labels. These tags are assigned by the system and intended to group similar messages from the different services. As an example, fraud protection might be fired by RADIUS or by Factors Watcher. It is possible to filter by respective tag to get all related messages.
  • Events Log contains an extended logging information of Email Rates Manager events.

    Screenshot: Events Log tab/search settings 
  • Configuration tab has a new user interface and output mode to create rules via web now looks like most of the other sections (see screenshot below)

    Screenshot: Configuration tab settings 
  • Configuration tab has a new "Watch Rule" form with the next modifications:

1) Filters by services, tags, types and messages with POSIX regular expressions (for example, (.*) Telecom.*).
2) Title could be added to the rule and put into subject of the message. It helps to organize messages in the email client.  
32"Group Limit" option allows to set after how many events under the same rule log message should be sent as a single aggregated message instead of separate e-mails per each log message. 
43) "Details Limit" option allows to set amount of characters for grouped messages.
54) New possibility to configure notification separately for Radius: Fraud Protection by tags.

5) Filters by services, tags, types and messages with POSIX regular expressions (for example, (.*)Telecom.*).


Screenshot: Watch Rule pop-up window settings