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SectionField Description

On the Filters menu, select convenient parameters for the report. To cancel any filter, click the delete sign  next to the filter.

You can start a quick search by typing filters' names in the bar at the top of a drop-down menu with filters. It will display all filters with taped letters.

Period Specify an interval for the report. Please note, that the "Period" field is mandatory.
Client TypeChoose a respective parameter for statistics data:  Client/Reseller/Calling Card/Call Shop.
Additional Filters

There are following accessible additional filters:

  • By clients: Client Tags, Owner.
  • Extras: Package.
Client TagsSelect labels to filter clients and show more detailed results in the report
OwnerDefine a reseller for the report
PackageEnter a package for the report
Group By

Select a grouping option, here you can choose and swap columns, change its order. There are following accessible options to group the data in reports:

  • Time: Year, Month, Date.

  • Package Name.


This form contains settings of the output data of the report.


Choose a format of the report from a drop-down list: Web/CSV/Excel XLS/Excel XLSx.

Send to

You can send generated reports via e-mail. For example, it is useful when it takes a lot of time to run the report. Also, it is possible to specify several e-mails. This feature is available only for CSV/Excel XLS/Excel XLSx formats of the report, it doesn't work with Web.


Specify a currency for the report. And all values will be automatically converted in the report to the specified currency.

Active Duration

Determine the period (in months). If the customer has used any paid services within this period, he will be considered as an active client.