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SectionField Description

On the Filters menu, select convenient parameters for the report. To cancel any filter, click the delete sign next to the filter.
You can start a quick search by typing filters' names in the bar at the top of drop-down menu with filters.

Period 1

Specify an interval for the report. Please note, that the "Period" field is mandatory. You can generate the report also for last 3,7 and 30 days. 

Period 2

Accessible when you enable the "Compare Period" option by clicking the plus sign  next to the "Period". Specify the second interval for the report


When you select one of Time parameters for Group By, the end date of the Period 2 will be set automatically to make equal intervals of Period 1 and Period 2.

Group By

Select a grouping option, here you can choose and swap columns, change its order. There are following accessible options to group the data in reports:

  • Time: Year, Month, Date, Time.
  • ClientsOrig Account/ OrigCode/ Orig Code Name/ Orig Rate/ Term Account/ Term Code/ Term Code Name/ Term Rate.
  • Extras: Orig Serial/ Orig Client Type/ Orig Owner/ Term Client Type/ Term Owner.

Please note, the "Group By" field is mandatory, it couldn't be empty in order to generate the report.

This option is intended to simply grouping option, now the system will automatically group data in specified columns.

Additional Filters

There are following accessible additional filters:

  • By clients: Orig Client/ Orig Account/ Orig Code/ Orig Code Name/ Orig Serial/ Orig Owner/ Term Client/ Term Account/ Term Code/ Term Code Name/ Term Owner.
  • By calls: Calls Total/ Profit/ Minutes,Total/ Call Not Zero/ ASR Cur/ ACD Cur.
  • Extras: Orig/Term Tegs.
Please use the Scroll Bart to see all settings in the pull-down list.
Origination Settings of Clients
Orig Client Define an origination client for the report
Orig Account

Enter an orig account for the report

Orig CodeSpecify an orig code for the report
Orig Code Name Indicate an orig code name
Orig SerialDefine an origination serial
Orig OwnerDefine an Origination Reseller for report
Settings of Calls
Calls TotalEnter the range of  total calls
ProfitEnter the range of the revenue you would like to display
Calls Not ZeroDefine the range of calls, that have duration equal to or more than 1 second
ASR CurrentSpecify the range of "ASR Cur" for calls you would like to display
ACD CurrentSpecify the range of "ACD Cur" for calls  you would like to display
Minutes, TotalEnter the range of total calls duration in minutes
Termination Settings of Clients
Term ClientDefine a termination client for the report
Term AccountEnter a term account for the report
Term CodeSpecify a term code for the report
Term Code Name Indicate a term code name
Term OwnerDefine a termination Reseller for report
Extra Settings
Orig TegsTagsSelect an orig teg tag that will be used as filter criteria
Term TegsTagsSpecify a term tegtag

This form contains settings of the output data of the report.

Click plus sign  near the "Columnsto select respective columns to output a report data. Also, you can cancel any chosen item.

Accessible columns in the report

Columns for main period and comparative period are following:

ASR Std, ASR Cur, ACD Std, ACD Cur, Calls Total, Calls Success, Calls Error, Profit, Profit (%), Orig Billed Time, Orig Cost, Orig Avg Rate, Term Billed Time, Term Cost, Term Avg Cost, Term Avg Rate, Session Time, Calls Not Zero, Calls Busy, Calls No Channel.


Origination information:

  • Billed Time - Billed call time
  • Cost - Price of the call
  • Avg. Rate - Average call rate

Termination information:

  • Billed Time - Billed call time Call cost
  • Cost - Call cost
  • Avg. Rate Average call rate

The revenue

  • Profit - Revenue in respective currency, for example, USD (in fact, any system currency can be specified here)
  • Profit (%)- Revenue in percent value
Time TotalTotal time in minutes

Average successful rate (successful calls percentage)

  • Std - Number of calls with status "success" divided by total number of calls minus all calls with “no channel available” status
  • Cur - Number of calls with duration > 0 divided by total number of calls
ACD, min

Average call duration

  • Std - Sum of all call duration divided by number of calls with status "success"
  • Cur - Sum of all call duration divided by number of calls with duration > 0

Quantity of calls in database

  • Total - Total calls quantity
  • Not Zero - Quantity of calls, that have duration equal to or more than 1 second
  • Success - Quantity of calls, that have duration equal to or more than 1 second and successful end code, calls with Q.931, disconnect cause 16 or 31
  • Error - Quantity of declined calls
  • Busy - “Busy” calls quantity

  • No Channel - No circuit / channel available
Other output settings
Order By

Select parameters to sort already grouped data in columns. Here you can sort data from highest to lowest values (or vice versa) and select different values.


Choose a format of the report from a drop-down list: Web/CSV/Excel XLS/Excel XLSx.

Also, select next to the "Type" field a look of table view:

  • Plain - a simple table view
  • Grouped - a table view with grouped data and possibility to collapse it
Please note, that Grouped type of table view is available only for Excel XLSx and Web formats, it doesn't work with CSV.
Limit Determine the number of rows that will be visible in the report. It is useful for displaying some top positions by chosen parameter. It is available only for plain type of the report. 

Specify a currency for the report. And all values will be automatically converted in the report to the specified currency.

Code Deck

Select a code deck from a drop-down list. All codes in the following report will be presented according to the specified code deck.