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Screenshot: Client Packages list

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Client Name of Client to whom package is assigned
AccountName of Account to whom package is assigned Shows for whom package is assigned
PackageName of assigned package
Volume Limits

Shows, if respective package has some volume limits and time or money left

1. On the left side of the bar it shows the destinations, code or code names.

2. On the right side it shows a specified limit (see screenshot below).


Screenshot: Client Packages settings/ Volume Limits bar

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Start Date

A date, when package was activated

Expire DateA date, when package will be stopped if there will be no prolongations (due to client's balance, for example)
TimezoneThe respective timezoneCurrent period start/stop

A date of package's activation for respective client/account

A date of package's deactivation for respective client/account

Package start/stop

Effective start and stop date of the package

Marks package, that was successfully activated and will renew itself due to the package settings
Marks package, that is new for current user and not activated yet
Marks package, that is in the archive
Click this icon to edit the "Deal End Date"
Click this to insure that package will not be renewed, even if all requirements are met
This icon allows to revert changes triggered by the previous icon until Packages Manager starts
It allows to renew the package.  Besides, we strongly recommend not to renew the package on the expiration date.
Click this icon to cancel the package