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Code / Сode NameCode / code name of rates
Effective From Start date before which the rate will not be used
RatePrice per one minute of call
Min TimeMinimal time interval of tarifficated calls
IntervalTarification interval
Grace TimeNot paid time interval in seconds
Setup FeeAn initial fee that is charged when call duration is longer than 0 seconds
ProfileTime profile (all time, business time, non-business time, weekends)
End DateFinal date after which the rate will expire
Previous RateLast rate in usage
Prev DiffCost changes of the rates (decreased, increased, not changed, new)
Prev Diff StatusDifference between current rate table from the previous
Prev Diff Status (export)Rate's difference changes after the last export
NotesAdditional information about rate
TagLabel that belongs to a respective rate
PolicyRate policy (additive or regular)

State of the rate