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We've adjusted the Brekeke collectors (both CDR and RADIUS) to extract numbers containing the '+' sign from p-asserted-identity and p-preferred-identity fields.


Radius collector

We have modified the Sansay RADIUS collectors ALWAYS to ALWAYS calculate volumes on our end. That way we will get more precise results for volumes than just getting getting the rounded-up information provided by the equipment.

SIP collector

We have modified the Sansay SIP collectors. For each vendor (route) under the Contact header, we have added the following info: From and P-Asserted-Identity, where From = P-Asserted-Identity = < sip:{src_party_id}@{orig IP / name} > (quoted).

SIP (v3.23.4 & older)

For the SIP integration, we've broadened our functionalities , and now support compact forms of the SIP headers as well.