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Information block Field Description

On the Filters menu, select the required parameters for the report. To cancel any filter, click on the delete  icon next to the filter.

You can start a quick search by typing filters' names in the field at the top of a drop-down menu with filters.

Period (1)

Specify the time interval for the report and a timezone. Please note that the Period field is mandatory.

Period 2

Accessible when you enable the Compare Period option by clicking on the plus icon next to the Period. Specify the second interval for the report:

  • Previous Period
  • Previous Day
  • Previous Week
  • Previous Month
  • Previous Year
Group by

Select from the list of the following accessible options to group the data in reports:

  • Time: Year, Month, Day, Hour
  • Clients: Client Type, Client, Account, CС Series, Owner, Package
  • Events: Dst Code, Dst Code Name, Dst Country, Currency, Origin, Service, Result Code, Gateway, Gateway Tag
  • Extras: Time Profile, Setup Fee, Rate, Additive Rate.

(warning) Attention

  • TheGroup by field is mandatory, it couldn't be empty in order to generate the report. By default, there must be at least two options: Origin and Service
  • If you group by Client and his/her Timezone differs from the system Timezone, the latter will be used in the respective report.
  • When you are grouping by year, it is recommended to indicate the calendar year in the period. The same goes for other period types.

Additional Filters

The accessible additional filters are:

  • Clients: Client, Client Tags, Client Type, Account, Account Tags, Package, Owner, Cards Serial
  • Events: Origin, Dst Code, Dst Code Name, Dst Code Country, Src Code, Src Code Name, Src Code Country, Rate (avg), Result Code, Gateway, Gateway Tag, Time Profile, Service
  • Statistics: ASR Std, ASR Current, ACD Std, ACD Current, PDD (avg), SCD (avg)
  • Totals: Volume Total, Volume Billed, Package Volume, Cost, Package Credit, Setup Fee Cost, Additive Cost, Taxes Total, Total Records, Non Zero Records, Success Records, Busy Records, No Channel Records, Error Records
  • Extras: Match Client, Match Rate
Client TypeSelect a client's type for the report: Client, Reseller, Calling Card or Call Shop
Client Define a client for the report
AccountEnter an account for the report
Client/Account TagsDefine a client's or account's tag
Cards Serial Indicate cards serial for the report
PackageEnter a package for the report
CodeSpecify a code of the needed destination
Code NameSpecify a code name of the desired destination
Cost Total Enter the range of total call cost
OriginIndicate an origin - origination or termination of the event
Result CodeDefine a result code as a filtering parameter
GatewaySpecify a gateway
Time ProfileSpecify the time profile of the event
OwnerIndicate the owner
Total VolumeEnter the range of total duration
Total RecordsEnter the range of total records
Not Zero RecordsDefine the range of records that have a duration equal to or more than 1 unit
ASR CurrentSpecify the range of ASR Cur for records you would like to display
ACD CurrentSpecify the range of ACD Cur for records you would like to display
ServiceDetermine the name of service for the report

This form contains settings of the report output data.

Click the plus icon next to Columns and select the required columns to add them to the Output information block. Also, you can cancel any chosen item.

Accessible columns in the report

The list of additional columns include:

Columns for the main period:

Cost Total, Setup Fee Cost, Average Rate, Package Credit, Total Volume, Billed Volume, Package Volume, Total Events, Not Zero, Success, Busy, No Channel, Error, ASR Std, ASR Cur, ACD Srd, ACD Cur, PDD Avg, SCD Avg, xDRs List, Taxes Total, Additive Cost.

Columns for the comparative period are the same as for the main period. Moreover, all parameters could be selectedexpressed in percentage.


Avg. Rate - an average cost calculated

  • Cost Total - the full price of all services including additional services
  • Total Volume - a whole volume of the events in units (specified in the Services settings → "Reports" field)
  • Billed Volume -  a whole billed volume of events. It could differ from the total volume due to the rates settings, for example, grace volume, min volume, and interval.
  • Package Volume - a volume within a respective package that is billed according to the package limits
  • Package Credit - a volume of credit that has been charged within the respective package
  • Total Events - the entire quantity of events
  • Not Zero Records - the number of records that have the volume equal to or more than 1
  • Success Records - the number of records that have a duration equal to or more than 1 and a successful end code, records with Q.931 disconnect cause 16 or 31
  • Busy Records  - busy records quantity with Q.931 disconnect cause 17
  • No Channel Records - no circuit/channel available, records quantity with Q.931 disconnect cause 34

ASR - average success rate (successful records percentage)

  • Std - the value calculated based on the records with "success" status divided by the total number of records minus all records with “no channel available” status
  • Cur - the value calculated based on the records with volume > 0 divided by the total number of records

ACD - average call duration in minutes

  • Std - the sum of all records duration divided by the number of records with "success" status
  • Cur - the sum of all records duration divided by the number of records with duration > 0

PDD Avg - average post-dial delay in seconds

SCD Avg - average session connect delay in seconds

xDRs List - list of detailed records statistics

Other output settings
Order by

Select parameters to sort already grouped data in columns. Here you can sort data from highest to lowest values (or vice versa) and select different values.


Choose a format of the report from a drop-down list: Web/CSV/Excel XLS/Excel XLSx

Also, select a look of a table view next to the Type field:

  • Plain with total - a simple table view with an additional row with calculated totals
  • Plain - a simple table view
  • Grouped - a table view with grouped data and possibility to collapse it

(warning) Attention

Please note that the Grouped type of a table view is available only for Excel XLSx and Web formats, it doesn't work with CSV and Excel XLS.

LimitDetermine the number of rows that will be visible in the report. It is useful for displaying some top positions by the chosen parameter. It is available only for the Plain report type. 
Send to

You can send generated reports via email. Also, it is possible to specify several emails.


(warning) Attention

This feature is available only for CSV/Excel XLS/Excel XLSx formats of the report; it doesn't work with Web.


Specify a currency of the report. All values will be automatically converted to the specified currency in the report.

Code Deck

Select a code deck from a drop-down list. All codes in the following report will be presented according to the specified code deck.



To find more details about templates, please refer to the Report Templates article in our User Guide.