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JeraSoft Development is proud to announce a new major release of VCS v3.17.0. A focus of the latest version has been set primarily to rework and improve system functionality; however, a range of new features has been introduced to the system as well. The full list of changes is as follows:


  • Now, while adding a new rate for a target destination code, user can specify a Source Code and/or Source Code Name to make rate table customization even more agile and deliberate. 
    Screenshot: Src Code/Code Name


    (warning)   Attention

    Please note that rates with Src Codes are not used when termination tariffs are chosen for Dynamic Routing. This functionality is going to be reworked in the upcoming releases.

  • Introduction of Src Code/Code Name columns led to an expansion of rate table parameters, namely adding Src Code Deck field. Now, user can assign Src Code Deck and Dst Code Deck separately.
    Screenshot: Rate Table parameters